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OUR UNIQUE METHODOLOGY: What is Design, Logic & Science™?

We understand the importance of good design. We enhance your brand through eye-catching design built within your brand guidelines.

By applying a logical, effective structure and delivery method to the information you wish to present we can maximise the engagement of your audience.

We apply scientifically proven techniques based around imagery, memory and cognition to increase the recall of your presentations key messages by over 75%.


Win the deal. Secure investment. Report to the board. Update the client. Launch new products. Present credentials.

Whatever your presentation, Captivate them.


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  • I would highly recommend Captivate Presentations. The Messaging Consultancy we received from them was excellent. They helped us to review and develop our Value Proposition and to consider how to use it in bids and presentations. The training created an impetus for us to consider how we express the value we offer to our clients and to focus on the key messages we need to communicate.

    Capita plc
    Training Director
  • When I came across Captivate, I was expecting them to be just like the other companies I’d been researching – the kind that just takes your PowerPoint slides and makes them pretty. What a pleasant surprise it was to then speak to David and his team! They spent time really getting to understand our current situation and we agreed that the Captivate service would be the best option to support our product launch. We pulled in people from sales, marketing and product management to attend the messaging day and, although it was intense, they skilfully guided us towards refining and proving our value proposition. A lot of what we discussed that day has gone on to impact other marketing materials and campaigns. Everyone involved at Captivate has been great to work with and together they have taken our sales presentation to a whole new level! We have had a fantastic response from our sales teams and prospective customers. So much so, we have already initiated a few additional projects with Captivate!

    Global Product Marketing ManagerSpringer logo
  • I was really impressed by Captivate. They showed their ability to very quickly understand the message we were trying to get across and were then able to turn around the presentation within a short space of time. They manage to strike the right balance between content and design and we were delighted with the work they did for us.

    Customer Marketing Controllermaxxium logo
  • The team at Captivate Presentations were brilliant. They worked within our brand guidelines to deliver a well designed & effective presentation. The team is very well organised & responsive so the process was pain free from start to finish.

    Marketing Director
  • Captivate helped us develop a sales presentation toolkit . They considered our requirements and responded quickly and efficiently to build the new presenter. It is being actively used within the sales team and I’m really pleased with the finished results.

    Bibby Financial Services
    Marketing ManagerBibby Financial Service Logo
  • Captivate really helped us well when we were under time pressure to enhance a new customer presentation for a key trade show. I was triggered by the fast response time they offered. And indeed within a day we obtained a fantastic and professional presentation. Their service is great.

    Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Many thanks to the team for turning a complex document into something that was much clearer and more engaging for my audience. A presentation masterclass!

    University of Oxford
    Senior EditorUniversity_of_Oxford logo
  • I utilised the 24 hour service to magic up a winning presentation on one of our key products. Not only was I successful in winning the business with the help of the very cleverly put together presentation but I am very much looking forward to seeing what other magic Captivate can do with some very important new launches coming up. It’s one of those companies you would want to keep in your favourites as you will be wanting to use them more and more.

    Rocket Medical plc
    National Sales ManagerRocket medical logo
  • Thanks to Captivate for their help with the presentation which has been very well received by our colleagues around the business. We were up against it time-wise but Captivate did a great job and there were some nice surprising creative touches that really gave the presentation real impact. All in all an excellent piece of work and it was a pleasure working with the team. I will definitely call on Captivate again.

    Head of Communications & Marketingriverside logo
  • I enlisted the help of Captivate Presentation to assist me with a company presentation that would help allow me and my partner to start raising funds overseas.  Although we had the basic principles in place, we were nowhere near having a presentation fit for purpose. From the get go David and his team were completely on point. Not only did they come up with a structure for our presentation that I had not even considered, their turnaround time, open lines of communication and complete dedication to the project, made for a very enjoyable and efficient experience. We have received numerous compliments on how interesting, professional and engaging the presentation slides are and I would recommend Captivate Presentation in a heartbeat, knowing full well that these guys can deliver and step up to the plate when the pressure is on

    Verto Homes
    Directorverto homes logo
  • Our experience with Captivate has been a very positive one. This is the first time we’ve worked with them when we asked them to assist with the keynote presentations for a major customer event. The timescales were tight and content was hazy when we placed the order but they made the process very easy for us and helped us to pull everything together. Within a couple of calls we had passed over our brand guidelines and key messages and they produced two presentations that were on-brand, easy to follow and engaging. Last minute tweaks and changes were not a problem and they delivered in time for our event with a presentation that was of a very high standard, elevating the impact on our delegates.

    Sales & Marketing DirectorDatel logo
  • The team at Captivate were great: easy to talk to, good advice on design and structure for the presentation and most importantly a fast turnaround! Highly recommended

    Collinson Group
    Head of Travel ProductsCollinson Group Logo
  • Excellent service, very quick turnaround time, nice design, first rate presentation! Impressed.

    Faversham House
    Brand Marketing Manager
  • Captivate Presentations delivered a seamless and professional service through-out. Given the tight deadline, Captivate were able to take the brief and provide a presentation that excellently communicated the key areas, highlighted key features and delivered an element of interaction and fun. The team were very friendly, easy to work with and were contactable 24/7 for small changes here and there. Our presentation was delivered on time and very well received by the client, would definitely recommend and will use for future presentations

    Derrick Services
    Marketing Managerdsl logo
  • Our experience with Captivate was a positive one from start to finish. They took time to understand the context in which our presentation was to be used and then executed the project on time. During the project management phase they listened carefully to feedback and responded accordingly. I would recommend them to anybody looking to add a highly professional edge to their presentations.

    Nice-Pak International
    Marketing Directornice pak logo

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