With us, your team will want to present

We remove the psychological barriers you or your team may experience. We want you to succeed in delivering a presentation, which is effective and stays in the audience’s mind. Your success is our success.  

When you engage in a presentation project with us, we’ll give you all the tools to help you along the way including:

  • Multiple formats – we’ll make sure that you have both a standard and a widescreen version of your presentation, so that it works across multiple devices.
  • Tablet-ready – do you use an iPad or similar in your business? If so, we’ll customise your presentation so that it works just as it would on a computer or on your tablet, along with instructions on how to load/edit your presentation directly on to your tablet.
  • An added extra – we’ll give you 3-d animated logo at no extra cost to go at the start and end of your presentations to give it that extra look and feel.
  • Support – we know that presenting is hard. So we’ll give you all the help you need to make you into a killer presenter, along with unlimited support, for ever.

With us, you get results

We apply Design, Logic & Science to every presentation, which means that what we create for you really works.

  • We never use bullet points in any of our presentations. They don’t work, ever. Using bullet points invites your audience to read off the screen rather than listen to the presenter.
  • We tailor every solution to meet your requirements. We work side by side with you to understandyour sales process, your objectives and your market before recommending a solution. We’ll never suggest something that won’t get you results.

We make things simple

We take the stress out of your project. We only ask that you stick to deadlines we agree upon together.

  • We respect you and your business. We work within your brand guidelines and we’ll never, ever go beyond your brand unless asked by you.
  • We don’t need our hand held. Most of our clients prefer us to just ‘get on with it’. Of course we still need input from you, but it won’t feel like a full-time job having to manage a separate design team.
  • We work the way you work. So, if you don’t like the idea of a faceless project team we’ll happily visit you for a sit down or you can pop into one of our fabulous offices.