In an ideal world, you’d always be given plenty of time to prepare and be able to dedicate the recommended time to finalising messaging and visualisation. But that this isn’t always the case – so what do you do if you’ve had a presentation dropped on you last minute and you need to create it from scratch?

Firstly find out how long you will be presenting for. If it’s a sales presentation you should stick with around 20 minutes as this is the optimum time for an audience to remember your information and key messages. If it’s a conference or keynote you’ll usually have an hour, but its best to double check rather than rushing your content if it’s under an hour.

When you do move on to your presentation itself, always start at the beginning; the objective of the presentation and the key messages you want the audience to receive. If possible, edit any existing presentations you may have to suit your needs. You can adapt text and other graphics fairly easily before needing to request help from experts.

Finally, make sure you rehearse – the last thing you want is to forget what you are going to say.  Even if you have delivered the presentation before, you might have made some slight changes – so always rehearse if you can.

When time is short, these are the most effective things you can do to get the outcome you want to achieve. If you have a spare 24 hours, our CRISIS service can help.