We often hear phrases such as ‘think outside of the box’ and ‘let’s move the goalposts’ (yes, they annoy me too!), but what’s the best way for a business to explore and portray its key messages effectively?

In our experience, it all starts with a conversation. We’re often averse to sitting around a table discussing ideas, purely in the interest of time, although often it’s the best way to really get important stakeholders and those on the front line stuck into what you’re trying to achieve.

It allows people throughout different sectors of the business to voice what makes them come to work in the morning, to find out and barriers that people are facing with a certain product, the pride that they take in their customer service processes. There are points that come out in open conversations that other members of the company may not know about and breach any communication gaps. The most senior person in the business may gain an insight into not only negative issues but extremely positive attitudes and ideas as well.

I’m all too familiar with the concept of watch checking and the irritating feeling that a meeting isn’t reaching a quick conclusion, however, discussions such as these will give you an insight into the day to day goings-on and lead to organic ideas.

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