If there’s a big pitch coming up, it can often be the smaller things that are forgotten amongst your nerves. So here’s our handy presentation preparation checklist for the night before.

  • Have your outfit ready (see our guide on what to wear here)
  • Check your route: If you’ve not been to the venue before, ensure you know where you’re going and leave enough time for traffic or delayed public transport.
  • A backup of your presentation. This could be on a USB stick, emailed to yourself or even printed off. Numerous things have been known to go wrong in these situations so ensure you don’t get caught out by a broken WIFI signal!
  • Presentation remote/clicker
  • Spare batteries for remote/clicker.
  • Any leave behinds/ handouts for your audience printed off with spares.
  • Bottle of water and a snack/lunch.
  • Business cards.
  • Notebook and pen.
  • VGA/HDMI cables.
  • Necessary kit to link laptop up to screen (check with venue beforehand if unsure)
  • Printed out information of any contact details that you may need (just incase!)
  • Plenty of sleep!

Presentation preparation isn’t just about good design and easily-readable notes (amongst other things), but also about the image that you relay to your audience. Bad presentation preparation could waste the hours of hard work that you’ve already put in.

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