Every year companies spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on their marketing… Social media, email marketing campaigns, brand marketing, those adverts on the side of your local bus, tubes, trains, taxis, SEO analysis, events… it’s endless. Full costs of these channels (and more) are laid out by budget holders.  So why do we draw a blank when asked about the spend on presentations?

At Captivate Presentations, we understand that no-one can put a price on face to face presentations.

To put this into context, let’s say Company X wants to sell their new laundry product to a large retailer. They believe that this product is the best on the market and that if they sell this to a large retailer, they will make £100,000 extra in profit that year. They’ve got their branding, their website and SEO covered, their best salesperson to deliver the presentation, they’re even scheduled to do a talk at the laundry science awards in February. But what about the sales presentation? Everyone is thinking about it, even worried about it, so why aren’t they doing something about it?

For instance, you’ve got a fantastic product that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. You’ve got all your marketing covered and your best sales person stood in front of your biggest prospect to date.

But ask yourself this, what are they using to sell your fantastic product?  How can you be safe in the knowledge that the audience will remember who you are, even when you are no longer in the room?

We all like to think we are presentation experts but that simply is not the case and a growing industry is a testament to this.  Where can Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, MD’s and CEO’s find the time to fine tune the visuals that they know are necessary to deliver key messages through their presentations? That’s where we come in.

Although presentation specialists are a relatively new industry to the market, they’ve become increasingly popular with big name companies as they not only deliver a great looking presentation but one with effective and to-the-point messaging. They offer not only the professional impression that you’d like to leave your audience with, but also provide a significant and sometimes vital return on investment for your company.

Stop letting presentations be the elephant in the room, and start your captivating the room instead. Call one of the team now on +44 (0) 203 291 3897 or send a current presentation to kate.richards@captivatepres.com for your free presentation slide sample, redesigned and refreshed within your brand guidelines.