Why Do You Need Messaging Consultancy?

Over 100 million business presentations are delivered every single day globally via PowerPoint, Keynote & Prezi. Over $250m of business is lost globally every single day due to ineffective presentations. Let’s think about that for a moment.

You do not need to become another statistic.

You need to be thinking differently. You need to be thinking effectively.

In the business world presentations are a unique gift believe it or not. They are the opportunity to take centre stage and captivate your audience whilst delivering your idea, your vision, your value or your solution to a problem. You are the second most important person in the room…your collective audience being the first most important person in the room.

The only reason to deliver any type of presentation, whether that be an educational presentation or a sales presentation, is to deliver a clear, concise and compelling set of key messages that the audience can recall when you are not in the room anymore.

Your key messages should form the cornerstone of your presentation and the relevant, compelling presentation content should build from there.

Captivate Presentations can assist you in developing a clear set of audience-centric messages as well as the captivating strategy for communicating each of them across a broad range of audiences and channels. Whether those key messages are helping you define or re-define your Value Proposition or assisting you in winning a deal to gain a financial or strategic advantage over your competition then we can help.

If your audience does not clearly understand why they should be listening to you then you will lose them. It really is that simple.

We build creative & effective presentations by applying Design, Logic & Science to protect your brand, maximise audience engagement and increase the recall of your key messages so that your audience can remember why they should be working with you when you are not in the room anymore.