Should you use animation in your upcoming presentation?

Definitely. Ensure that it’s in there for the right reasons though.

In any type of presentation, delivery and the effective relaying of information is key. PowerPoint animation is a great tool in aiding the presenter in getting their message across and enable them to control the flow of information.

The most problematic feature of most presentations is the overload of information on the screen at one time. Not only does it distract the audience, but it takes the control away from the presenter – PowerPoint animation is an effective way to feature each topic separately, draw the audience’s eyes to the screen and ensure that there is full focus on what the presenter is saying.

PowerPoint animation is not only useful for these reasons, but its functionality makes it incredibly easy to implement into your presentation. See this article for more information.

Beware though- too much PowerPoint animation can have an adverse effect (and give the audience a headache!). As tempting as it may be to have every letter in a headline fly onto your slide from different angles, it runs a huge risk of distracting viewers from the content and messages that you’re trying to put across. If you feel unsure, go through the presentation as if you were an audience member or ask a friend/colleague to do so for you. It may mean the difference between the big sale you were pitching for and your audience needing travel sickness tablets.

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