Definitely, but you need to make sure that you are using them correctly within your presentation.

Animations are used to aid your presentation and are to help you get your message across effectively. If they don’t do that and they just distract your audience then you may as well stop using them. If you’re using flashy animations such as ‘Swivel’, ‘Bounce’ or ‘Checkerboard’ then you are just irritating your audience.

If you’re trying to make your presentation more appealing by using crazy animations, you’ve already failed. But, when animations are used effectively they can significantly increase the recall of your key messages

Even if you only used three animations in your presentation, we’d suggest these three: ‘ Fade In’, ‘Fade Out’ and ‘Motion Paths’. If these animations are used in the correct way they will make your presentation effective and look professional.

Finally, you shouldn’t use animation to simply make your presentation look nicer. If your animations aren’t helping you get your message across, don’t use them.