It’s not just nice slides that are going to win that big pitch. The successful communication of your ideas is the key to winning your audience over as well as ensuring that they remember your pitch, understand your messages and trust you and your brand moving forward.

  1. Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen

Here Julian Treasure talks about psychology- the deadly sins of speaking and the best techniques to ensure that your audience trust what you have to say in your presentation.

2) How to pitch to a venture capitalist: David S Rose

Although the quality of this video may seem a little outdated, David S, Rose, a self-pronounced serial investor talks through the most important things to make note of when pitching to a VC for the most successful outcome.

3) Talk nerdy to me: Melissa Marshall

Melissa Marshall discusses the importance of communicating your messages, regardless of how complicated you feel that they are. She explains the importance of understanding from your audience.

4) Amy Cudder: Your body language may shape who you are

Amy Cudder discusses how important your body language is in how your audience perceives you and your messages.

5) TED’s secret guide to public speaking

Although this isn’t a TED talk as such, the speaker discusses the most effective ways to present your ideas. Some of the tips discussed would be particularly important not only when speaking publicly, but when building and planning your presentations.

6)Sebastian Wernicke: Lies, damned lies and statistics

Here Sebastian Wernicke talks through the different successful elements of a great presentation. This includes not only the presenter, but the presentation itself.

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