Over 100 million business presentations are delivered every single day globally via PowerPoint, Keynote & Prezi. Over $250m of business is lost globally every single day due to ineffective presentations. But why?

Companies spend thousands on marketing per year, but this often doesn’t factor in presentations. When we ask our clients what their next big presentation means to them, the answers vary between the promotion that they’ve been working for to paying for their daughter’s dance classes. It’s the one thing on the horizon that’s keeping them up at night, or the most exciting event in their yearly calendar.

When asked what they’d like their presentations to achieve, our clients mentioned a mixture of the following things:

  • An accurate representation of the company’s brand
  • A persuasive argument for the sale of their product or investment bid
  • Representation of their credibility amongst (or above) their competitors
  • For the audience to remember what they’ve presented even after they’ve left the room

As important as these elements are, without investing in the capability to put them into action, a company cannot guarantee their achievement.

At Captivate Presentations, we understand how vital these elements are, in fact it’s our expertise- there isn’t one piece of work that we don’t add value to.

We build creative and effective presentations by applying Design, Logic & Science. Give us a call on +44 (0) 203 291 3897 to find out more, or email an existing presentation to kate.richard@captivatepres.com to request your free sample now.