Big presentation coming up?

Our presentation specialists name the top 5 things will help you win your audience over..

Keep it simple

When presenting, it’s important to be clear and concise with the messages that you’re trying to portray to your audience. Identify the points that you need to make and cut out all of the other noise, only use images where appropriate (if you’re trying to sell a product, for example), and keeping any text to a minimum. There’s a lot to be said for an engaging presenter, nobody wants to sit reading lines of text from a screen!

 Pay attention to your structure

Keeping your audience engaged throughout your presentation is key to getting your messages across. Some of the worst presentations are disjointed and have little information flow. A storyline structure is often the most effective method with presentations. Also, always end on a high note- nobody wants to leave a presentation feeling glum!

Think about your audience

What have your audience come to hear? How much background do they already have about your company or idea?

Make sure that your topics are clear, concise and easy to understand. Try writing down your audience’s demographic to get a better understanding of what information is going to be the most relevant to them- a group of potential investors probably don’t want to hear about the expensive office Christmas party that you have planned, however your staff probably will!

Don’t panic!

According to a survey done by the Washington Post in 2016, almost one in four of Americans rank their fear of public speaking higher than anything else (even including clowns), so it’s natural to feel the heat when it comes to it. The trick is to be well prepared before the big day, which leads me onto my next point..

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

A last minute run through while brushing your teeth just doesn’t cut it. Your audience aren’t just interested in your slides, they’re interested in you. If you have all of the elements above in the bag, make sure that you’re portraying your points as effectively and confidently as you can. A theatre director once said to me that for 3 minutes of performance there should be at least one hour of rehearsal time- stick to this and you’ll thank me for it!

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