Cooking channels are a guilty pleasure of mine, if you give me Jamie Oliver with a coffee on a Sunday morning then you’ll have one happy girl. I follow his recipes down to a tee and they always tend to go smoothly (his turkey and leek pie has become my family’s personal favourite!).

Unfortunately, not all elements of life come with a specific recipe for a smooth outcome, including presentations, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still taste success at the end of it.

Of course, there are many elements that create a good presentation, but I’ve put together a list of the key ingredients that you should use to make your presentation as effective as it can be at the point of delivery (and for a great roast chicken).

1. Clear and concise messaging (Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon)

Too many contrasting flavours can spoil any dinner (my mum’s ‘i’m enthusiastic about my new herb garden’ lasagne taught me that), however, a small amount of different flavours can combine to make an incredible dish.

Ensure that your presentation is centered around the key messages that you’re trying to relay to your audience. Too many messages can appear sporadic, but a concise amount of clear messages will not only make what you’re trying to put across memorable, but you won’t run the risk of confusing the audience or even seeming confused yourself!

2.  Great design (Roast potatoes)

You can’t beat a good roast potato. If you look at a good roaster, imagine that the crispy coating is your design and the fluffy inner potato is your content. Let me explain…

Great design draws the audience in and portrays your content in a visually effective, on brand and aesthetically pleasing way for your audience. Your content is, of course, incredibly important, but what’s the use of having great content if your audience isn’t paying attention to it?

Nobody likes a pale potato.

3) A confident, well-rehearsed presenter (The Chicken)

The Chicken’s the main event to your roast dinner, the showstopper and the element that everybody wants a piece of. The chicken juices make the gravy, and you simply can’t do without it.

This goes for the presenter. All too often, presenters rely heavily on their slides to lead them through the presentation. Run through your presentation at least three times prior to the big day, ensuring that you are confident in talking about your different messages and should any technical issues arise, you can still steal the show.

Once you’ve got your professional outfit on (vegetables) and your leave behinds all sorted (condiments), you’re set to go.

Then it’s up to your audience to bring the profiteroles.

Luckily, we can help with all elements of your presentation, so give us a call now to see what we can do for you (roast dinner recipe included) on +44 (0) 203 291 3897