What you wear on the day of your presentation should not only be comfortable, but it should represent the image that you and your company want to portray to the audience. This image should be in line with your presentation’s messages and your company’s overall image. Although nobody’s expecting you to wear a dinner jacket (unless you’re at a formal dinner of course!), dress professionally, and take the following into account when planning how formal your outfit should be:

  • Venue: The Hilton or a design agency’s office in Soho? This is relevant when considering what your audience will also be wearing.
  • Your Audience:  What will your audience likely be wearing? Attire for an executive board would be more formal than say, a creative start-up. When people ask me what to wear for their presentation, I always say dress one step up from your audience- although you aren’t visiting the queen, it’s never a bad thing to be the most smartly dressed in the room.
  • Presentation Content: Are you relaying the year’s annual reports to a board of investors? Or are you training your employees?
  • Movement: Some of us present behind a podium, some prefer to interact with the audience, some prefer to use the stage. Whatever your presentation style, dress appropriate for comfort and to avoid any mishaps that might come your way!

There’s no definite answer on what you should and shouldn’t wear to your presentation- as much as I wish there was! The important thing is that it is something that you consider. Get in touch with us now on +44 (0) 203 291 3897 to find out more.