Design is, of course, an extremely important element of your presentation. We are surrounded by exceptional design both in our personal and professional lives every day, and our presentations should be absolutely no exception to this. Design is the structure of your presentation, the information flow and even the colour schemes and shapes that make it aesthetically pleasing.

But, unfortunately, you don’t win sales with slides alone.

A fully effective presentation can only be achieved when the following two elements are also taken into account:

  1. Clear and concise messaging: The aim of any presentation is to deliver a clear, concise and compelling set of key messages that the audience can recall when you’re no longer in the room. Messaging makes your brand memorable, It’s answering the question of why your audience should listening to you and it’s how they remember why they should be doing business with you.
  1. Delivery: Your presenter’s interaction with the audience can be the difference between winning and losing the deal. People buy from people, and so alongside the usual ‘don’t turn your back to the audience’ jargon, the delivery of your presentation has to be engaging, followable and reputable.

Our CAPTIVATE service looks at the bigger picture rather than just making your slides look nice. We build creative and effective B2B presentations by applying Design, Logic, and Science. Call us now on +44 (0) 203 291 3897 or email your presentation to for your free presentation sample.